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* CertiSync 2020 Market Data Analysis

of commercial tenants submit proof of insurance that is NOT compliant with their lease requirements. Tenant Insurance Compliance remains one of the most under-served segments in the real estate industry.

Ensuring tenant-submitted Certificates
of Insurance are compliant with lease
covenants has never been so easy.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."

-Albert Einstein

CertiSync is a compliance process company. Our expertise lies within business analysis, process control and compliance. With a history of providing business optimization strategies to some of the world's most recognized organizations, we approach compliance from a pragmatic, sustainable perspective.

Pragmatic Vendor Requirements Management that is easy for both client administrators and vendors.

All communications between CertiSync, our Clients, their Tenants and Vendor members are private, fully encrypted and secure. All certifications and correspondence are stored on our fully redundant, secure servers, located in several North American cities.

Relationships - How Can We Help?

We understand the value you place in the good relationships you have built with your tenants and vendors.

The CertiSync process, supported by our Compliance Team, is there to encourage and work collaboratively with vendors, tenants and their brokers to correct deficiencies in compliance.